Go Hockey


Warranty Policy


Companies have strict but fair guidelines in relation to warranty claims on products. We are legally bound not to commit a supplier to a warranty claim unless it has been prior inspected and authorised for replacement by that company. Warranty may vary between full or part claim depending on the nature of the fault. Companies reserve the right to repair products under a warranty claim.

Warranties cover manufacturing faults within 60 days of purchase; any claim must be accompanied with proof of purchase. Please contact us as soon as any damage appears for assessment as returns made outside of the 60 day time frame will not be covered by warranty.

It is important to note that the warranty does not cover general wear and tear, misuse or abuse, chipping, damage from stick clashes and or cosmetic changes that do not affect the functionality of the product.

Faulty Product - Returns

If you believe the product to be faulty or not to your satisfaction please follow the procedures set out:

  1. Contact Go Hockey and explain why you think the product might be faulty and why you wish to return the item. To speed up the process it is advised to have photographic evidence of the fault and to let the Go Hockey Support Team have an initial look at the product concerned.
  2. Once this is complete the process of arranging the return to us can be set up following our Returns & Exchange guidelines.
  3. If Go Hockey finds the product to have fault we shall repair, replace or refund the amount the product was purchased for. If no fault is found with the product we would seek reimbursement for any postage costs.

We encourage before sending any items back to contact us. We can then assess the product to decide if the product needs sending back.