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Voodoo Paradox Punisher V2 (16)

The Voodoo Paradox Punisher is based on the same design and engineering principles as our Unlimited LTD and Unlimited models, this year’s Punisher is the perfect compliment for any elite player looking to perform advanced skills in all playing situations. An optimum mid-shaft balance point keeps the head light, a responsive feel and the skills sharp, no matter which position on the field you play. The stick of choice for Simon Orchard of Australia one of the world’s top players.

Paradox Range Features: Soft Touch, Custom Sleeve of Aramid for superior power and control. Supa Light, twin channel construction. Double Aramid Heel significantly reduces wear. Nano Resin Tech.

V2 Mould : Our unique banana head has an angled toe to give you additional control on your reverse and left to right drags. This famous feature gives you that little bit extra in your game. The newly added concave shaft area provides you even more ball control for that game changing overhead, jink or 3D skill. Maximum curve is 23mm at 300mm.

Voodoo Paradox Punisher V2 (16)




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Voodoo Paradox Punisher V2 (16) 1
Product type Sticks Senior Composite
Brand Voodoo
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Composition N/A
Stick Bow M-Bow
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