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Malik Azul

The Malik Azul is ideal for the experienced hockey player. With a 24mm M-Bow it is ideal for dribbling and quick snap passing. Top players in Holland and Belgium are using this stick. 75% Carbon / 5% Aramid / 20% Glass Fibre



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Other Features include:  
  • Ideal for the experienced player
  • Oval shaft for a firm grip
  • Thin end of hook for defined dribbling
  • ‘Touch compound’ for improved grip on the ball, accurate trapping and handling
  • Individually layered carbon strands enforce hitting & sweeping power
  • Slightly more give than with the Carbon-Tech Gaucho due to smaller carbon percentage
Product type Sticks Senior Composite
Brand Malik
Gender No
Volume N/A
Weight N/A
Composition N/A
Stick Bow L-Bow
Stick Hook N/A
Balance Point N/A
Head Thickness N/A
Blade Thickness N/A