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The X79 TT Standard Bow is the top of the JDH range. What makes this stick so special is the power to weight ratio which helps hitting, slapping, pushing and aerial power. Because it is super light weight and has a high balance point you will have faster swing speed when hitting and slapping the ball, you will also add speed to your push passes and its much easier to throw aerials. It is so easy to dribble the ball and use your skills especially with the Tapered Toe.

The X79 range has a new lay up which still allows a great feel to the stick when dribbling the ball and trapping.





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Product type Sticks Senior Composite
Brand JDH
Gender No
Volume N/A
Weight N/A
Composition N/A
Stick Bow M-Bow
Stick Hook N/A
Balance Point N/A
Head Thickness N/A
Blade Thickness N/A